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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Wait is Finally Over!!!

I'm so excited you guys. My first blog post on Romantic Inks will be Tuesday. I'm interviewing the wonderful Kendal Corbitt and talking about her new release Caught in the Act from Freya's Bower. It sounds very HAWT!!!!

She's such a great person too... so check out Romantic Inks on Tuesday to see my first EVER interview with an author. Oh, and I'm hoping.... if she'll do it... I'm hoping to interview Adam HERE on my blog Tuesday as well.

Before I get all gushy over her writing, here's a summary of her new book and the ever sexy Adam.

It's Lily Campbell's five-year anniversary, and this year, she's not getting her husband socks again. When her friend suggests Lily heat things up with role-playing, she's not convinced. But the thought of being a naughty criminal to his sexy cop sends a jolt of heat through her. So, Lily goes to the department store where her husband manages security and attempts to get caught shoplifting.

Adam Campbell questions the sultry shoplifter, but is shocked when the criminal turns out to be his own wife dressed in disguise. When "Mrs. Smith" offers to strike a sexy deal to avoid pressing charges, Adam becomes lost in the role-playing fantasy of two strangers steaming up the interrogation room. He's in for the hottest anniversary present ever...

Catch you at Romantic Inks Tuesday!!!


Leigh Royals said...

That surely sounds like a great read, and something I'd like to try...

aprilm said...

It's definitely worth a read. Kendal has a really unique plot with a great real-life hero that you can like.

Wait until you see my interview with him? You'd swear they were still on their honeymoon - Adam and Lily.