Romantic Ink

Thursday, July 16, 2009

#RW09 Fail ... I have cusswords for this shoddy leadership

I've just heard that during the membership meeting at RWA that the board would not even hear the proposed bylaw changes or allow discussion even with a quorom because of a minor technicality.

President Pershing in her infinitely stupid wisdom (Ok... it was the whole board) refused discussion and quickly after the decision, they lost their quorom due to a mass exodus.

I'd like to know exactly how many left...


Epubbed authors will get their day and President Pershing will get her commuppance.

UGH. I hate the politics of organizations.

I've removed my banner for Change... I'd like to have a great banner to replace it with but blackness pretty much says it all right now.

Although I found an awesome cartoon that I've included above. Hey, if we can't laugh... well, we might cry.