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Monday, February 23, 2009

CONTEST!!!! With The One Man I Might Shoplift for

As many of you have seen, I'm salivating over the new release from Kendal Corbitt called Caught in the Act. And I was able to talk Kendal into letting me interview Adam. (She also is letting me run a really awesome contest - Anyone responding to this post is entered to win a FREE copy of her new book Caught in the Act!!!! )


The interview began rather inauspiciously as I arrive at the Downtown Shopping District about a quarter after ten in the morning. The weather's foul but Adam meets me at the entrance to Nordstroms ushering me in. A backroom leads us to his office filled with security monitors a couple of chairs and a desk. He's kind of a quiet guy but he looks good in a uniform, lean but well-muscled. He's also so sweet on his wife it just makes me sigh. Every woman should have a man like him.

We get down to business immediately - I can tell he's got little patience for me and my questions. He's a man of action.

Fox: Adam, thank you so much for doing this interview with me. I know you're very busy getting ready for your fifth wedding anniversary. Any plans?

Adam: Thanks for having me by April. Tonight is our fifth anniversay, so we are going out to dinner. I like a nice T-Bone. Lily, she's more of a filet mignon kind of gal. She likes a nice salad. I have reservations at the Icon Grill. Lily loves their chocolate cake.

Fox: I saw the beautiful necklace you got your wife. You sound like the sensitive type. The kind of guy that tries to treat his wife right. But you're kind of a tough guy at work, you get to wear a uniform. Tell me a bit about what you do? Doesn't it get kind of lonely?

Adam: No, this is a big high end retail store. I have a staff of seven on patrol at any given time.My job is never boring. You should see what some people try to get away it. One guy put a diamond anklet on his kids teddy bear. Two weeks ago some nut job tried to have a bath in a display whirlpool tub. We get all kinds here.

Fox: The uniform alone would have woman drooling. Do you have any fantasies of your own? Any your wife might raise her eyes about?

Adam: Fantasies? We'll all men have fantasies. Not sure Lily would want me to share them here though. She blushes easy. Being that I'm in securtity I've always had a bit of a thing for public places. The thrill of maybe getting caught. Hot.

Fox: I happen to know your wife has a few fantasies of her own... No. Not telling. You'll find out soon enough (evil grin and cackle). But just for the record, I know all the women reading this must be very jealous of Lily. What do you love most about her?

Adam: She's my best friend. Corny, maybe, but the truth. There is no one else I rather be with for the rest of my life. Lily is selfless. She'll do anything, for anyone.Actually, it's her big heart and sense of adventure first attracted me to her when we meet in college. At the end of the day, going home to her makes everything I do worthwhile.

Fox: Any advice to any women out there on how to keep their husbands as happy as you are? Don't hog all the blankets?

Adam: Okay, seriously, just be yourself and find a man who loves you for you. Marry your best friend, and any hardships you have to will be easy to overcome.

Fox: OK. OK. One last question. I know you've got to get back to work. As a mom, I've got to know - any kiddies in the future for you and Lily or you planning to enjoy your time together a few more years before taking that leap?

Adam: Oh sure, I'd love to have kids. Enough for my own softball team. It'll happen when it happens. You'll have to ask Lily her plans, I'm at her service for the baby making part of it.

Fox: I think both of you would be such great parents--you can just feel the love between you two. I wish the two of you lots of luck and love. And just as a warning... watch out. Your wife has something pretty incredible planned for your anniversary.

Adam: I think I know what it is. She has this kind of traditon of getting me socks. According to Lily, I suck at buying myself socks and underwear. I think she gets a kick out of buying me crazy designs. Like these. (pulls pant legs up to reveal a puppy dog with his tongue sticking out on his sock) They say "I ruff you". She thinks it's cute and I like to amuse her.

One of his security guards interrupts us. There appears to be a known shoplifter that just pocketed about three hundred dollars in jewelry. Man, how did she manage that.

As I step out into the rain, I smile to myself as I remember Lily's plans for their anniversary. Needless to say I think Adam will be very surprised. There definitely were not socks in the plan.

Find out for yourself exactly what happens when Lilly surprises her husband with a special anniversary gift by checking out Kendal Corbitt's new release Caught in the Act from Freya's Bower.

I've included a summary below:

It's Lily Campbell's five-year anniversary, and this year, she's not getting her husband socks again. When her friend suggests Lily heat things up with role-playing, she's not convinced. But the thought of being a naughty criminal to his sexy cop sends a jolt of heat through her. So, Lily goes to the department store where her husband manages security and attempts to get caught shoplifting.

Adam Campbell questions the sultry shoplifter, but is shocked when the criminal turns out to be his own wife dressed in disguise. When "Mrs. Smith" offers to strike a sexy deal to avoid pressing charges, Adam becomes lost in the role-playing fantasy of two strangers steaming up the interrogation room. He's in for the hottest anniversary present ever...


Phoebe Jordan said...

That was a great interview with Adam. I will definitely adding Caught in the Act on my wishlist. I do hope that I win a free copy but if I don't I'll still be anxious to read this novel.

prashant said...

That was a great interview !
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