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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time for Change With RWA

Hello all. Long time since I talked with you guys. I'm devoting my title space to a campaign to affect change within a huge romance organization called RWA.

There are so many things going on with epublishing and this organization refuses--through action, voice, and continued backstabbing-- to recognize epubs and the efforts of ebook authors to gain some recognition in the industry and get RWA-sponsored support.

RWA, via Ms. Pershing's letter within RWR (sorry can't reprint here), then Deidre Knight's response...

Ms. Pershing chose to respond with the most defensive pile of rubbish EVER:
(I heart Deidre Knight... her rebuttal to Pershing's post is priceless, go throught he 211 comments... you'll see it.)

And Angela James with Samhain should post an interesting response to Ms. Pershin on Monday.

I'm pulling up the chair and watching this show. I might even buy front row seats and renew my RWA membership. I missed the ESPAN takeover because I got caught renewing right as my RWA membership lapsed... but not this time... NO HO. If a few people run, I'll be renewing to vote if nothing else.

I'll have the "Vote for my mentor button!!!" and will be pushing petitions.

You wait and see.

Until then, I'll keep you guys updated.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Favorite Author's New Book is OUT!!!!

One of my favorite authors Ciar Cullen just came out with a new one... Check it out:

Sexy young knight Sir Geoffrey’s holy vision of the True Cross sends him questing after a virgin, a unicorn, a sacred scroll, and a cursed island. Rita is a plump, poor peasant who speaks with the finder of lost things, St. Anthony. She hasn’t been a virgin for quite a while, so she’s thrilled to win the hand of Sir Geoffrey, and moreso since Geoff delights in introducing her to his sexual peccadilloes, including a generous night of brotherly sharing. It comes as a shock to learn that Geoff’s vision includes his own martyrdom! Is Geoffrey’s vision the result of insanity, or is St. Anthony leading him to something priceless? Only Rita has the power to save her husband, with some help from her heavenly friends.

You can check her out here: The Prince's Bride

I personally am a huge fan of The Biggest Kahuna!!!! Loved it.