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Monday, November 10, 2008

Tarot Readings Now Offerred... I think... let me check the cards first

Looking around the blogosphere (hehehe... I get to act like I'm part of it now :>), I realize that blogs come in all shapes and sizes and I have no idea where mine will fit.

As an author I have lots of great ideas swirling around in my mind that I can talk about. There also seems to be lots of rants and raves and something called the Thursday Thirteen. But then I come to reality. Carrying on a monologue with the Universe at large is kind of daunting.

I prefer dialogues:

"Hello, Universe!" I say.

"..." said the ever helpful Universe at large.

"Um... help?"


Yeeeaaaaaahhhh.... I think you can see my problem. So I'm going to spend a few minutes today just writing down various thoughts, feelings, and general drivel that seems noteworthy enough to tell someone. Beyond the fact that I feel really yucky and sick - my head so stuffed up my brain is hemoragging pain and my neck is stiff and sore, my hands still work and this will get my mind off everything.

My writing:
I'm finishing Chapter 3 of the Assistant's Secret. I'm wondering if it's too techie but well it is what it is and Justine is seriously geeky hawt. Of course I've just discovered that her handler with Homeland Security, Scott, is way sexier than Collin the ubergeek in charge of MTI. Scott gives me shivers just from the one phone call they've had together. Collin... blah.

So what do I do?

No idea. I guess keep writing until it becomes clearer. Maybe Justine is happy with Collin and Scott has another romance coming down the pike. He's just giving me a wake-up-and-smell-the-hawt-hunk notice. Whatever happens, Justine has her hands full with Collin, Scott, and the totally slimy yet kind of adorable Seth.

Uber Cool Book that You AREN'T Reading:
I just found JR Ward's The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide at my local B&N this last weekend. And while even as a diehard fan I usually skip these books, I have to say this was WELL WORTH THE MONEY, for several reasons.

First and foremost, there are great interviews and deleted scenes in the book. There are also page upon page of threads from JR Ward's forum (which is HUGE in case you've never checked it out). But MOST OF ALL, JR Ward details her own trials and tribulations in writing each of the books. She even has a Writer's section devoted to how she writes, comes up with ideas, and works.

And for all of you that think being published is all milk and bon bons. Think again. The woman works like a slave. Perhaps one of the luckiest slaves in the world - she likens it to living in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world and being their scribe (OK she doesn't use these exact words but that's about what she says). She says she's at her desk at 8 in the morning and often isn't in bed until late at night.

She writes every day - even holidays.

Anyway, it's a must read for fans AND for writers who really love her writing.

Winter Wonderland Contest Coming Soon!!!
Ciar Cullen is about to hang me by my pretty painted toenails (I'd better hurry up and paint those suckers so this is true ;> ). I'm supposed to hide my flying snowman somewhere on this blog.... ummm... you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it since this thing is like so new there's only one page.

Hint... Hint: See this page for icon

Now where the heck am I going to put it. Sorry Ciar... it's going up today... Promise!!!

I'm such a wuss.

What Does Your Future Hold... Contact me to find out :>
Upon the request of many of my friends (and those I've read for), I've just started offering my Tarot reading to anyone interested. These readings will give you indepth insight into the following year and help clear your mind so you can get to what matters most - writing, your kids, the hubby, or cleaning house (ok... just kidding on that last one)

I'm trying to decide if I want to start my own website just for Tarot readings but I'm not sure about it. Would love any suggestions or thoughts.

Well that's about all the rambling I can handle for now. I've got Sherrilyn Kenyon's new book One Silent Night and still have lots to read in JR Ward's Insider's Guide, taunting me from the stack of books beside my computer and that bed is looking pretty good. Maybe a few Tylenol and some hot soup would help too.

Until next time... a small excerpt from The Assistant's Secret:

"His breath caught as the skirt slid a bit higher giving him a good glimpse of smooth skin and a black lace garter. Glancing up at her flushed cheek and the gentle slope of her jawline, he decided he liked the look of her.

Clearing his throat , he tried to keep his mind on the ball instead of on the amount of leg she was showing. He stood up and put the meeting back on track. "So what kind of redundancy setup do you plan?"

"She glanced up at him as she grabbed her case and stood. Next to him, she had to crane her neck. The position had them standing very close. As her fost, pink tongue came out to brush her lips, an image of her tied to his bed glashed through his minde. She'd wear black lace garters and matching bra and panties. He'd have to cool those thoughts or he'd have more to hide than his attraction to her.

"... We've setup a master/slave configuration for continous stream..."

That got his attention...


Julie Robinson said...

Hmmm. Interesting Tarot card there. Never quite seen that one before!! Thanks for being Stop No. 15. I enjoyed the hunt. Julie

Anonymous said...

You gots to be less subtle, oh fantastic reader you! BIG AD. So I can post it on my blog!!!