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Monday, November 17, 2008

My Worst Fear Brought to Life

Alright, I'll admit my second worst fear has come true.

I may absolutely SUCK at writing!

There I've said it. It's out in the open.

And I have the proof in my hands as we speak. My entry for the Gateway to the Best contest just came through my email. And there it is, in living, vivid, blood-red color. I suck.

Ok... Ok.. it doesn't say that exactly but it doesn't look pretty.

So I scramble to my email for professional help--my dear friend Ciar Cullen. She read it, liked it. I figure she's the woman to set me straight.

Woman, you are a Goddess.

If she give me permission, I will totally quote her here because she just made me feel better.

So, I'm manning up. There were some great comments for my story The Protectors and I have to say the reviewers had some good points. I

thought I'd thank them here for their hard work:

To the man who thought I had a lot of raw talent and liked my world building, I think I'm in love with you - I found your critique the most useful in terms of pinpointing things I need to work on (sorry if you're a woman, I promise its a very platonic, mild crush.) Thank you for the most thorough and insightful review I've ever had of my stuff.

To the reviewer that loved my story... Sweetie, she gets both of them (it's a menage :> ) And I'm reserving one of the first copies of the story when it gets published just for you! Thank you for your enthusiasm - it made my month.

And to the third judge... Well, I don't think you liked my story at all but you pointed out several things that I, myself, have suspected were going on but couldn't pinpoint. Thank you for your time and consideration. It really helped.

I guess I could cry over this and whine a bit more. But alas, I have too many other things to worry about (like my #1 worst fear - something happening to my children or my #3 worst fear - losing my job). So I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Besides Justine and Collin just had the hottest kiss on the elevator, leaving work. Collin's just left for Hamburg and Justine's about to see her world turned upside down when an old friend comes to visit. Keep your computers locked up around this guy, Justine. Seth's trouble and he's learned a few tricks since your old hacking days.

Well until next time... Click on the Winter Wonderland banner above. Oh and here's a hint - my icon is a flying snowman. Give you three guesses as to what page it's on. LOL....


Jeannie said...

As a self proclaimed contest slut, contests are a slippery slope. Sometimes you get a judge who just doesn't mesh with your writing. Plus, the comments that sting the most are the ones that stick out in your head and we tend to forget all the positive comments.

I think you have the right attitude and perspective for getting the most out of your experience. I've never felt I had to discount a single judge's comment, no matter how low the score. Every one has been helpful in some way.

And you're right, at the end of the day, our families are safe, you're not bleeding...and your writing doesn't suck after all once you really look into it.

Anonymous said...

See, now doesn't blogging your pain feel good? Just remember, it won't mean a thing in a hundred years!

Natasha said...

Hugs, hon. Contests are contests. They don't mean a thing unless you get something out of the comments (which you did - yay!) or you final and get a request. So take it for what it is - and it's not saying you suck! - and move on.

aprilm said...

Thanks everyone... all of you are so sweet for being there for me!!! Love you guys!!!

jax said...

We all suck in our own eyes but when we can see beyond the negative, we are a diamond in the rough. :) I think that writing skills improve with time, like a vintage wine, if you stop now, the learning and aging process of growth will end. Keep writing! It will pay off!