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Monday, May 11, 2009

Where Have I Been???

Wow... I've been so busy since my last blog entry. Where to start?

First off, I've been working with the most fantastic mentor, Kate Pearce. Check out her Simply Sexual series at your local bookstore - uber hot with some great writing and different twists.

She's been helping me prepare Justine and Collin for public consumption and it's looking REALLY GOOD. *SQUEE*

PLUS, I entered the Knight Agency Book in a Nutshell contest and WON one of the 20 places. Considering there were 1200 entries, I feel really honored. But now I'm scrambling... this thing has to absolutely SHINE.

I'm feeling really good about it though so I hope to blow that agent that sees it out of the water :> Everyone wish me luck.

On other news, someone I haven't talked to in forever (simply because we're both so busy) just got interviewed for her brand new book Devil Falls. Check her out here:

In other news, TJ Roberts hasn't made a movie in ages. Being the complete geek I am, I've rented Milk just so I can see him in it. I'm really not the least bit interested in the movie (although it will be interesting). I'm really hoping TJ's in more than one scene.

In other news: I'm listening avidly to Tohoshinki's Secret Code. I love it - it took a few listens for some of the songs but WORTH IT. Super Junior 3 is a let down. I get tired of all their ballads (although SJ3 is WAY better than SJ2). Koda Kumi's Trick is really good too - even converted someone else to love her.

Surprisingly, I've also found a female Korean group I REALLY like 2NE1. They have two songs out that really rock, Flame and Lollipop. For some reason these girls just kick butt for me. I want their first album.

Also, I've been hitting it hard on the Tuesday Smackdowns at Romantic Inks. Come over and visit if you're ever in for some interesting debates. This month we're talking about marketing and what works--what doesn't. See you there!


Jax Cassidy said...

You find the most interesting music! Congrats on the TKA win! YAY! I'm sure your stuff is AWESOME!

aprilm said...

Thanks Jax. You really should check out 2NE1's FLAME on ... Lollipop is worth it for the music and seeing Big Bang dressed up in the silliest outfits.

I can't believe you came by -- thank you so much. Fan girl swoon----

Kate Pearce said...

That's what mentors are for, right? To give you a little push and a helping hand :)

prashant said...

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