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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Seperation of Church and State at school... nope.

After the fiasco of my son having bullets on the bus on the ride home - email me if you want details... it was bad...

I feel my anger over a current assignment at my son's school is put into perspective.

Basically, my son's teacher is requiring that my son read a Christmas story and do a book report. All in all it sounds innocous enough. No problem.

But she sends home this form. Now, unlike most parents I can't just sign and return. No. I have to analyze it. Pick it apart... First off, what the heck??? Why do you have to have the only book report due this year so far be on Christmas? What if we didn't celebrate? What if we were Pagan or atheist? She offered no other options and they have to dress up. WTH.

Then she has this bogus form talking about making a commitment to do it, write it up, dress up, and give an oral presentation. It's a required assignment. Hello... there's no discussion... you don't NEED my child's commitment. You're requiring it - there's no discussion or debate. So don't act like this is a mutually agreeable decision and a commitment was made.

And don't even get me started on how the form also states that the writing is the most important part of this process when only 15 points go toward independent writing and over 25 points go toward the oral presentation and basically the rest are on following the directions on the form.

UGH. Is it just me? Is it just my dislike for the teacher? Did anyone else get weird reactions to this form?

Oh, why can't I be like other parents and just keep my mouth shut, smile, and nod.... Oh why?

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Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Um...I'd state he'd do a report on a winter themed book...let her read into that what she will...and then find something cool where he'll get to wear something fun...a simple hat or something and bring a sled?

Not sure about the points...BigBoy just got his 'speaking' grade from a presentation on rocks. He did the whole thing himself...except the internet part because I just can't go there yet (he's 7) was really about pacing and eye contact. Hard for a shy kid.

Good luck!